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Flame Retardant Curtain Fabric Manufacturers Introduce What Is

qiansi fang 111 October 8, 2022

Living Room Curtain Fabric Manufacturers Introduce the Advantages of Polyester Yarn Fabrics

1. High strength, polyester staple fiber strength is 2.6 ~ 5.7cN/dtex, high strength fiber is 5.6 ~ 8.0cN/dtex. Due to its low hygroscopicity, its wet strength is basically the same as its dry strength. The impact strength is 4 times higher than that of nylon and 20 times higher than that of viscose fiber.

2. Strong elasticity, the elasticity of the polyester fabric is close to that of wool. When the elongation is 5% to 6%, it can be almost completely recovered. The polyester fabric can be quickly restored to its original shape by repeatedly rubbing it without leaving wrinkles. The elastic modulus It is 22~141cN/dtex, which is 2~3 times higher than that of nylon, which is unmatched by other fabrics.

3. Good heat resistance, polyester is made by melt spinning method, and the formed fiber can be melted by heating again, which belongs to thermoplastic fiber. Moreover, the melting point of polyester is relatively high, and the specific heat capacity and thermal conductivity are small, so the heat resistance and thermal insulation of polyester fibers are much better than those of other synthetic fibers.

4. Corrosion resistance, polyester fabrics are resistant to acid corrosives such as bleach, oxidants, hydrocarbons, ketones, petroleum products and inorganic acids, and are resistant to dilute alkali and mildew, but hot alkali can decompose them. It also has strong anti-acid and alkali resistance and anti-ultraviolet ability.

5. Good light fastness, polyester fabric has good light fastness, except that it is worse than acrylic fiber, its light fastness is better than that of natural fiber fabric. Especially the light fastness behind the glass is very good, almost on par with acrylic.

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