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What determines the waterproof performance of the PU coated fab

zdfabric zdfabric 17 Apr 12

PU is a polyurethane polymer organic material. PU coating is a stable low-temperature resistant coating. Oxford cloth tent fabrics have undergone special water-repellent treatment. The most common one is PU coated fabric.

That is, the PU glue is scraped on the Oxford cloth fabric, which has a soft texture and good hand feeling, strong waterproof performance, and is not easy to age.

The thickness of the PU coated fabric determines the waterproof performance of the tent, and the thickness of the coating is expressed in mm, which indicates the static waterproof column height of the coating under laboratory conditions, and the coated Oxford cloth PU1500mm indicates that the coating is in a static water column of 1500mm The bottom is not leaking.

According to actual experience, in the field environment, the coated PU800 can prevent light to moderate rain, PU1000-1200 can prevent moderate to heavy rain, and the coated waterproof Oxford cloth of more than 1500mm can basically be used in various environments.

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