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Do you know how to maintain Oxford fabric bags?


Oxford fabric has always been the first choice for outdoor fabrics because it is comfortable and beautiful. So do you know how to maintain Oxford cloth luggage fabrics?

Generally, ordinary luggage fabrics are basically leather, PU/PVC leather, canvas, Oxford cloth and so on. Because people have daily needs for luggage, the luggage will not maintain the original shape.

Regardless of the material of the luggage, it needs to be well maintained. Generally, leather and artificial leather bags require regular maintenance of engine oil and irregular cleaning. Leather is easy to absorb stains, so you need to pay attention to avoid staining the luggage at all times, and also need to maintain the leather regularly to avoid damage by sharp objects. However, please avoid using animal leather as much as possible. Artificial leather can also make high-quality bags.

Oxford cloth luggage fabric is fixed with a lot of leather, but the color fastness of the canvas is not strong, it is easy to fade and become old. In daily use, Oxford cloth bags and fabrics will not be easily scratched, abraded, or dyed. Use a soft cotton brush dipped in soapy water to gently scrub and dry in the shade. To clean Oxford cloth bags, you can also add a small amount of salt or white vinegar to soak for 15 minutes in water.

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