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Look at PU fabric from chemical structure

zdfabric zdfabric 16 Feb 28

Sauber was the first of F1's 10 teams to reveal its new car for the 2017 season, followed by Renault.
Major changes to Formula One regulations mean that this year's cars will look radically different to the 2016 model, sporting wider wings, bodywork and tires.
The new sleeker shape has been designed to improve the car's aerodynamics.
Speaking to CNN at the end of last year, Mercedes engineering chief Aldo Costa said this season's cars could be record-breakers.
"We think car performance will increase quite a bit -- we are talking about three to four seconds per lap," Costa told CNN.
"(The 2017) car is a game changer. Next season we will have probably the fastest car in Formula One history."
The 2017 Formula One World Championship starts in Australia on March 26.