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Analyze the machine structure of the computerized embroidery ma

zhiyu zhiyu 10 Mar 16

The digital computer embroidery machine is an advanced and complex electromechanical integrated sewing equipment, which has made great contributions to people's clothing, home decoration, and beautification of the environment. Under the control of the computer, the digital computerized embroidery machine completes the sewing of various patterns.

The computerized embroidery machine is divided into two parts: mechanical system and electrical system.

The mechanical system mainly includes the frame parts that support all parts, the thread clamping seat part that has the function of detecting broken threads and adjusting the thread tension, the color-changing box part that performs the task of changing the color of the embroidery thread, the shuttle bed, the head and the needle that carry out the embroidery action. Rod box components, trimming cam box components and thread hooking components that complete the thread trimming and thread hooking movement, and the X and Y guide rail components that drive the movement of the embroidery frame.

The electrical system is composed of a power supply box, a control box, an operating keyboard box, a peripheral control board and execution components. Responsible for identifying pattern information and controlling the movement of computer embroidery machine accessories.

Here, a single embroidery machine uses a large number of servo motors as an example. Generally, a towel embroidery machine uses three servo motors: the main shaft and the D axis. H axis. The main shaft always rotates in one direction, and the mechanical cam mechanism drives the needle up and down. Generally, the needle up and down of the towel embroidery machine is more than 500 times per minute, and the flat embroidery machine is more than 1,000 times per minute. The D axis is used to adjust the direction of the needle tip, and the needle is adjusted every time it goes up and down. The H axis is used for color changing and threading. A positioning pin is used to automatically switch between color-changing and threading. When threading, the axis ensures that the thread feeding direction and the direction of the tip of the needle are perpendicular to the thread hooking. The needle moves every time it goes up and down. once.

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