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What is a flat embroidery machine?

zhiyu zhiyu 52 November 9, 2020


The flat embroidery machine can realize the high speed and high efficiency of traditional hand embroidery, and can also realize the requirements of "multi-level, multi-function, uniformity and perfection" which cannot be achieved by hand embroidery.

The reason why the bottom thread of flat embroidery machines is always short may be caused by the bobbin thread retraction caused by the bobbin inertia, also known as the bobbin idling. It is recommended to check and exclude according to the following methods.

(1) Choose a special bobbin case with anti-idling reed.

(2) The winding amount of the bobbin should not exceed 85% of the bobbin.

(3) Replace the bobbin with an aluminum bobbin, which can reduce the inertia of the bobbin movement due to its light weight.

(4) Adjust the thread trimming time slower.

(5) Install the bobbin in reverse so that the direction of rotation of the bobbin is opposite to the direction of inertia of the bobbin.

(6) The gap between the used bobbin and the bobbin case should be as small as possible.

(7) Reduce the sewing speed during use, especially when the thread trimming stops.

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