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What can be avoided by wearing gloves correctly?

nbglove nbglove 26 Apr 23

In daily production work, machinery, hand tools are likely to cause harm to the hands. At this time, the role of cut resistant safety gloves is revealed. The following is a brief introduction to several types of scenes that are harmful to the opponent in daily work.

Mechanically caused: hot parts, rotating parts, gripping parts, hot parts, welding machines, internal combustion engines, air compressors, rotating parts, saw blades, drills, milling cutters, gripping parts, rollers, conveyor belts or conveyor chains, boxes Heavy doors or lids of cabinets or trucks, gears in operation.

Hand tools: wrenches, screwdrivers, knives, drill bits, abrasion, splashing of falling objects, hitting tools with mushroom-shaped tops, frayed or damaged wires, dangerous connecting wires and incorrect grounding, do not use damaged Wrenches, tools with loose or broken handles, screwdrivers like chisels, tools with wrapped handles.

In the work of contacting the power supply, the "one-handed principle" is adopted at all times. Use only one hand while working, and put the other hand in your pocket to avoid electric shock accidents. If you need to use your hands for work, you must wear qualified rubber gloves, sleeves and leather protection equipment.

Corrosives can burn and scald the skin. Solvents can absorb moisture from the skin and may cause skin allergies, burns, and blisters. Some solvents may also be absorbed by the body. Other chemicals may cause many kinds of harm.

The above situation may happen if you don't pay attention to it, and the correct wearing of labor insurance gloves can reduce this kind of danger to a certain extent.

Ningbo GG Safety Products Co., Ltd. would like to remind you that wearing A7 cut resistant gloves correctly can ensure the safety of your hands.