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Three main materials of cut-resistant gloves

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Cut-resistant safety gloves are a kind of high-strength hand labor protection products, which are made of aramid, high-strength polyethylene fiber or steel wire and polyester fiber.

Kevlar is an aromatic polyamide product. The fiber is yellow, strong, light, and flexible. It is 5 times stronger than steel of the same weight. It is flame-resistant and will not melt at high temperatures. Therefore, it is more suitable for high-temperature workers, such as metal. Smelting, industrial welding, glass processing, etc.

Dyneema/Spectra is tough and lightweight, has a good fit, good wear resistance, low friction coefficient, and high strength, which is more than ten times that of steel wires of the same cross-section. It is mostly used for workers in high-strength industries, such as metal processing, body assembly, and stamping operations.

Steel wire and polyester fiber gloves have the highest anti-cutting ability and are suitable for manual operation. In addition to being used in the food processing industry, they are also used to prevent animal bites.

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