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Smart Curtain Motor Manufacturers Introduces The Benefits Of P

wistar motor 32 Jan 19
Current status of the development of motor protection: Motor protectors have evolved from mechanical types in the past to electronic and intelligent types, which can directly display the current, voltage, temperature and other parameters of the motor, with high sensitivity, high reliability, multiple functions, convenient debugging and protection After the action, the types of faults are clear at a glance, which not only reduces the damage of the motor, but also greatly facilitates the judgment of the fault, which is beneficial to the fault handling at the production site and shortens the recovery time.

In addition, the use of motor air gap magnetic field for motor eccentricity detection technology makes it possible to monitor the motor wear status online. The curve shows the change trend of the motor eccentricity degree, which can early detect bearing wear, internal circle, external circle and other faults. Early detection, early treatment, to avoid sweeping accidents.

Smart Curtain Motor Manufacturers reminds that only the correct maintenance of the motor can make the motor be used well, so everyone should not be careless in the process of using it.