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  • Posted March 26, 2020
    Adhering to the Fortnite route, if EA released Madden NFL seasonally, it could look like a Netflix subscription program (because EA isn't likely Mut 20 coins to downsize gains and allow it to be free-to-play). It would most likely involve paying 15 every 3 weeks, at which time the match would also be updated with new rosters and features. You are still paying for a $60 game, only it's becoming a facelift more often than usual. Sales from the business show that games are being purchased longer on seasonal time frames on yearly releases.

    EA could also add incentives to get additional money, like season moves with benefits, for example, beta accessibility to internet multiplayer attributes, or even superstar player cards.

    Though it can be more optimal, it is highly unlikely that EA would alter the franchise's release schedule, a method they've used for many years. Beyond confusing the long-time player base, some of whom haven't played Fortnite, it is more financially feasible for them to stick to an annual release.Alongside FIFA and Call of Duty, Madden is EA's easy cash-grab, since there's little--if any--competition. It is clear that EA is open to this idea, but is it worthwhile?

    I believe adding an entirely new element to the Madden release might invigorate the product, while also rewarding less fortunate people with the capability to play the game. Triple-A studios are now killing the industry by dismissing fan service and quickly making games for gain, rather than creative value. The seasonal upgrades might also be used in tandem with all live NFL events during the summer, which would be a huge hit.

    Regrettably, EA would never embrace a launch schedule such as this to buy Madden nfl 20 coins for one of its prized gambling IPs. It would definitely enhance the game's reception because little gets shifted annually, upgrades on a tri-monthly schedule would help to balance challenge and gameplay players. It will be a very different movie game, but EA doesn't wish to modify anything but the past year's gain margin.Heading into the future, the gambling world is sure to accommodate to these new concepts in interesting ways. Who knows Madden 35 may surprise us.