This is probably the most contentious one among the Mobile Community

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  • Description: This is probably the most contentious one among the, and I blame it partly on YouTubers and also this"grinding" culture. Yes, they're grinding by enjoying a video game since that's how they make money. But the rest of [url=]MT 2K21[/url] us bought into this concept that a game needs to be a grind instead of, idk, fun? I've been called lazy for not wished to badges. For not playing with enough video games LAZY? I argue that it's costing 2K cash because purchase when you have to grind badges, VC to get a new construct? 2K should remove all of the badges that are only characteristics in disguise (which are the huge majority). Rebound chaser, rim shield, pick pocket, unpluckable, tight handles, shoot and catch, contact finisher, the list goes on. Bring back feature evaluations contested threes range, like shooter mid, contact dunk, boxout, ect. Add additional attributes to help differentiate builds so everyone does not feel similar. You should be able to have a complete and competitive construct without a badge. Then only have a few badges your player. For instance, badges like heart crusher or slippery off ball are rarely used because you want badges to actually strike shots and play defense. However, if the attributes do that the badges may be utilized as a enjoyable luxury instead. Alot of people who I played with last year ceased playing this year due to the grind of playing on precisely the exact same player, and they have tired. The people who enjoy grinding new gamers may still grind complete and vc, but everyone shouldn't be forced to grind. Pretty obvious here. I should not have to learn a jumpshot timing that is different for every style I perform. I should not be getting kicked from games and entire neighborhoods. I should not need to wait forever to get a pro am sport or get stuck onto the rec loading display. Not all of this is your servers, but NBA 2K21 makes too much cash to have these gameplay issues. It is more of a surprise when an event functions than when it is broken. That is because it's so significant although It was discussed at length. Include a matchmaking booth like ruffles or rec, and keep the area if you want now has. Of having to wait at a game, the concept is absurd. But in addition to that [url=]Cheap NBA 2K21 MT[/url], there has to be a difference in rep earned from Pro-Am/Ante Up games vs regular park/rec/new matchmaking games. Pro-am should provide you ATLEAST twice a rec game's rep.
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