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  • Description: Before fully polishing the polishing machine, polishing machine equipment, and custom polishing machine, carefully check the paint surface. Different grinding discs and abrasives are selected according to the specific conditions of the scratch size, damage degree, paint thickness and wear resistance of the paint surface. Let's take a look at the common abrasives with the China Polishing Machine manufacturer. Water-based abrasives should not cover small flower marks, and the grinding discs should be placed in contact with the paint surface as much as possible. When the abrasive is dried and adhered to the surface of the paint, a small amount of water is sprayed on the grinding disc and then ground. The oily abrasive can cover small flower marks, and it is not easy to appear that the abrasive is dried and adhered to the surface of the paint surface. After grinding, it needs to be degreased with degreased water, and then can be used for plating and coating products. Otherwise, the plating and coating cannot be performed. Very good adhesion to the paint surface, easy to be washed away. If the paint surface is relatively large, the wool disc can be used with the coarse abrasive (4μm); the medium scratch can be selected with the coarse sponge ball and the abrasive (2μm); the fine scratch can be matched with the fine sponge ball. An abrasive (0.8 μm) was used for the polishing operation. information about china polishing machine :