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  • Description: RuneScape, a free-to-play MMORPG created by Jagex, is arguably the programmer's most renowned name. However, a recently discovered LinkedIn listing suggests Jagex might be working on a RuneScape-themed action RPG. There's not much known about the key name, aside from the fact that it's a"Runescape Action Role Playing Game". As the game is an'action' RPG according to RuneScape, it will probably feature new battle mechanics mixed with the standard RPG elements, like skilling. Last year in March, Jagex announced a new venture with SpatialOS, possibly to utilize the platform to get their new name. Although the source of the rumor seems accurate enough, there is always the chance that the job is cancelled before it's even announced. The producer of this sport has worked on several projects throughout his career. While Jagex has established several games RuneScape is by far their most prosperous title. FunOrb, a gaming site began by Jagex at 2008, closed down earlier this season in August. The company also worked on a browser MMO named Stellar Morning, that was scrapped during development. Jagex saw great success using ESB Gold when it launched, and to this day, tens of thousands of users continue to play with the years-old MMORPG. That is, nevertheless, only a rumor, and we'll have to wait for a formal statement from Jagex to understand if or not a RuneScape design ARPG is actual or not. Student Thought to be Studying Abroad Actually On Campus, Only Really Into RuneScape For two weeks now, the public was under the impression that Engineering junior David James has been studying abroad in Zurich, Switzerland. Saying goodbye to his loved ones and friends, James embarked on his trip, eager to embrace a new culture and escape this Penn bubble. Two days before, a roommate of James went into his room"totally to not steal his cushions," but instead found the supposedly overseas student huddled over his notebook in a corner of their room, covered and weathered at Cheeto dust. Turns out James never abandoned the nation; he had only gotten really into RuneScape. Tempted by the sweet lure of adventure, nevertheless, James established his avatar and started a new life -- never looking back. Rather than exploring the gorgeous scenery of Zurich and surrounding Switzerland, James researched the 10 kingdoms of Geilinor, questing throughout the map. www.mmogo.com/Esom/Gold.html Yes.This is this!!
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