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  • Description: If you are assuming Bethesda is wasting energy that may be moving into The Elder Scrolls Blades then you're wrong. Bethesda Game Studios has 3 distinct divisions, they can't simply have every one of those with 400 employees working on one single project to accelerate development or expand its aspirations, hence why its divide into branches in the first place. The Elder Scrolls Blades only had approximately 100 individuals working on it until it published, Fallout 4 was a little over. You do not need every single worker working on a single job, this is the spirit reason Blades has been developed in the first location. They already have 3 significant projects which were declared, and I'd imagine blades only needs a small percent of the workers in contrast to the groups working on these matches. DarkLames I concur, I believe this a game is much more of a return to their roots (yeah I made that mention ) in the sense that it's basically just remaking the OG elder scrolls arena and placing some battle elements from newer games (like magicka) and giving personalities the exact same appearance as Skyrim characters.they have also stated this is gonna be one of the most ambitious projects ever for The Elder Scrolls Blades which either means it is gonna be amazing or their terribly wrong because in the past couple of years just how many expansions did they make for The Elder Scrolls Blades? A whole lot, and when it's gonna be harder than that it is gonna need to be insane. Like, a map how big redguard with detail such as that of skyrim and lore implications like that of oblivion. The Elder Scrolls Blades in the dialogue, it lets go of the heavy lore of the past few elder scrolls games (I guess possibly redguard too induce faction warfare and things ) but it moves back into the play mode of this aged old ooooollllld games such as stadium, I may be happy to mention battlespire but I didn't see any diversity in weapons so that I won't mention that one but to me it is actually remaking those previous ones that are just to see just how far you can go. . I believe I and many others will be willing to pay for something like this. What I fear that we are becoming is that a watered down Skyrim. No more non-hostile NPCS, no research (as in finding a town, cave, camp, fort, destroy, etc), more mobile aspects (obviously tapping, two kinds of money, waiting for things to happen,"time waster" gameplay, and P2W components ), and a bare-bones story. I believe a good compromise would be to launch a new The Elder Scrolls Blades Travels game and charge a reasonable price for this. I'd be pleased with this. Regardless, I really hope I'm wrong on this one. Ew, I was excited until seeing this movie. The controls appear horrible, auto engaging the enemy signifies 1v1 battle. Which will get rather dull not quite far into the game. The timeless 1vgroup battle is the thing that makes ESB Gold games engaging and fun, making you think about that which you need to strike first while dodging different enemies. Graphically it looks awesome, but I think I might even sacrifice images for much better control of you personality and multiple opponents in battle. And ESO Mobile Gold is kind of a deal breaker for me, I stopped playing 1st person just matches a decade ago.
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