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The Blade & Soul Revolution

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    February 27, 2019
    MMORPG getting a version appears to be a trend. The Ragnarok M: Eternal Love and also Buy Blade and Soul Revolution gold what with MapleStory M, this market seems to be on the upswing. Whether that's a positive increase we will leave you with that to determine. However, base about the backlash Blizzard received after Diablo Immortal's announcement, let us just say players aren't too enthusiastic about getting their favourite titles moving mobile.

    Blade & Soul Revolution Launches December 6 In South Korea With Huge PvP Battles

    Netmarble Korea declared that the forthcoming smartphone game based on the MMORPG Blade & Soul, Blade & Soul Revolution, will launch in South Korea that this December.The statement was made during a press event, in which they also launched pre-registration for its Korean version.Blade & Soul Revolution has been developed by Cherry Bugs, a subsidiary of Netmarble Korea, with the goal of bringing the charm of Blade & Soul on PC to smartphones through a"reinterpretation."

    The controls are simplified for smartphone, but it offers high-end action with abilities like"Qinggong" which let you go superhuman, combined skills, etc. The very same voices from the PC version will be used in Blade & Soul Revolution, and you will find more than 150 cinematic films that were put together so as to offer you a movie-like experience for the players.

    They've added a Lyn, after listening to feedback in G-Star 2017 attendees this past year. There are six different playable characters using male/female Lyn a Jin, a feminine Yun, along with a Gon. The developers are also working on adding the appearance customization purposes from the PC version.As far as gameplay details, Netmarble shared that it'll be a huge PvP battle where you could have teams of up to 500 vs. 500. These massive PvP battles will not be just about players hitting each other head on, but there are attributes such as such and bombs which can BNS Revolution gold be utilized to strategize.