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    April 27, 2020 6:02 PM PDT
    When searching at Hakimi's stats, then it is possible FIFA Coins to understand why he is worth £7.9m. The 20-year-old includes 86 Pace along with a top assaulting work speed, so he's up and down either side of the pitch as it's no one's business. He has got three-star energy moves, so he can roulette past midfielders and defenders when needed. The sole real caveat is that right now, he's on loan from Real Madrid at Borussia Dortmund, so you might want to wait till the close of the year before you pick him up, by which point his 75 complete will probably be marginally closer to his 85 possible.

    Another player with 75 complete and 85 potential, Marcelo Saracchi is extremely like Hakimi in more ways than one. He is incredibly fast with 88 Pace and contains three-star skills. He has just got three stats under 60; Volleys, Curve and Penalties, so that you can instantly tell he's a jack of all trades. It'll cost you £8.4m to tempt him away from RB Leipzig, though, and you will have to fork out to get his £24k salary.

    Celtic fans will know about Tierney since the 21-year-old has been regularly featuring for the Scottish giants since the 2015/16 season. High/high work rates imply he's minding the Engine feature, working nonstop on the left side of defence. He has 82 Aggression with 73 Reputation and 74 Sliding Tackles, along with 75 Crossing and Dribbling. Tierney is our choice of the crowd to get value because of how he could maintain a five-man defence.There are no super-expensive young stars in this category, so instead here are just three players you can invest in for just north of £10 million.

    Calabria simply finds his way to the class of FIFA Mobile Coins for sale young players employing a December 2096 birthday and it is an excellent thing also because he's a high full-back. £11m is precisely what you'll have to pony up to be in with a shot of signing him, but it's worthwhile because of his consistency and ability to slot to your first team immediately.