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    April 17, 2020 5:28 PM PDT
    If you're going to understand FIFA Coins how to perform at the centre of defence from anybody, it may be Rapha?l and Sergio Ramos Varane in Real Madrid -- as well as Jesús Vallejo that really shows. With an overall score of 78, the 21-year-old is already great enough into many teams, together with 81 for falling tackles and 82 for interceptions the standout stats. He's got a range of passing but it's the capability to reach 86 whole that makes him a good investment really. A price of 14.5m seems economical considering all that, but factor in the high wage needs and things do start to add up, which could restrict him to larger teams.

    Athletic Bilbao don't appear to struggle when it comes to centre-backs that are exceptionally talented and Unai Nú?ez is the one. The 21-year-old includes all. He's got the fundamentals right, with 77 for standing quo, 79 for both interceptions and 78 for strength, but with 71 for chunk management and 74 for passing, Nú?ez does resort to hoofing it clear. He is not overly slow as defenders go.

    In a glimpse Pedro Porro's stats make him seem more like a winger than a full-back and there is no denying he's most comfortable when moving forward, but at only 18 years old and rated 68 overall, there's plenty of time to improve the defensive side of his game. His 73 for crossing, 75 for ball management and 76 for agility stand out but using just 66 for stamina and 64 for standing tackles there are weak places to work on before he will be ready for football.

    Exactly what the 21-year-old lacks he makes up for, well, pretty much anyplace else. His stats come but from profound, he could also dictate the play with 74 for elongated departure and 80 for death. It's a job he will increase in as he has more experienced as the years go by, and with the potential to FIFA Mobile Coins for sale reach 86 general, the 10m you'll need to cover to secure his answers will merely appear bargainous.