we announced Dofus Kamas ...

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    April 12, 2020 6:20 PM PDT
    A couple weeks before, we announced Dofus Kamas that we were planning on opening a new"retro" server. A"retro server" of course usually means the joy of re-living the original DOFUS encounter, with everyone beginning on equal footing with an improved version 1.29. But it means. A more retro experience! For you: farming, drops and difficulty! And for us: the marginally rigid administration and management of a match developed"the old-fashioned way", with fewer possibilities and less freedom. DOFUS 2.x was made so that teams can intervene to fix potential problems, however DOFUS 1.x was designed as a sealed whole in which there might be no issues. :)

    This implies a few difficult decisions had to be produced. There will be only a single server for now. Before you start yelling that we're shooting ourselves in the foot given the widespread excitement about this new server, you need to understand one thing -- now, it's not possible for us to unite Retro DOFUS servers or move characters between Retro servers.In other words, even if we start too many servers at first, then enthusiasm wanes and they have fewer players, we will not be able to merge them or move players to restore balance: empty servers will stay empty. And the players on those servers will be condemned to boredom.

    Therefore, we fully understand the frustration that this choice will cause initially, particularly since this may bring back much more gamers and that wouldn't be a bad thing from the economic standpoint. But a gaming experience over the long run is more important than hype. Along with this, it is not possible for us to buy Kamas Dofus Retro open pre-registration. Yesyes, the constraints are piling up. We know. Unfortunately, our options are so limited between"waiting lines" right off and"empty servers" afterwards, we've chosen the waiting lines.
  • April 13, 2020 2:09 AM PDT
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