This is a cute little event thought RuneScape gold

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    April 5, 2020 5:33 PM PDT
    This is a cute little event thought RuneScape gold, and if we're going to get limited-time XP grinding occasions anyway I think this is the perfect way to go about them-- a few temporary bonuses, a few skill-focused makeup, and opening the guilds to new Runescape players temporarily. I could see this becoming the new normal for events such as this' appeal. Can we please our prior choices are remembered by the interface for urns get it? Needing to pick it each time on the wheel(defaults into kettle lid), and then it not necessarily choosing the unf urn type we have in our Inventory at the oven (for some purpose after selecting the ability form of urn, it then defaults to next greatest you can craft?) Is dull as hell.

    The Crafting Guild item is kind of genius, come to think of it. The events team could be churning out occasions like this no matter what, but this channels time and work that would be placed into events anyhow and uses to update an outdated area. Two birds, one stone.I simply don't get why they can't make appropriate makeup anymore. The master crafting outfit only has literally and a male version no female version at all, this happens to each and every outfit.

    I said this in a previous comment on an update, but can we possibly add all guilds to a type of jewlery teleports since the invention, farming, and runecrafting guilds were done recently but some of the other ones are yet to possess those teleports? Especially now with all the crafting guild being updated, it might have been ideal timing for that one, but there are 3 I can think about without teleports directly to rs 2007 gold (crafting, wizards in yanille, and thieving although this has got the elite Skilling outfit teleport) and I feel like placing them on abilities necklace/combat bracelet/etc. Can make sense.