each course corresponds to a Dofus Kamas role

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    March 31, 2020 5:34 PM PDT
    Each with a gameplay, each course corresponds to a Dofus Kamas role. Join the ranks of Sacriers, Iops or even Zobals if you enjoy being close to the action and fighting. A follower of combat, by becoming a Sadida, invoke the power of nature, use the runes of their Huppermage or Cras' Bow. If you would rather help your allies you are made to become a Feca or an Eniripsa.

    Set off against monsters to gain gold and experience to improve your character, As soon as you've chosen your class. Combine one of the 95,000 guilds start your own or already created. Explore dungeons seeking power and fortune or obstacle fighters via PvP mode. Between the islands to explore as well as the vast continent, there's always something to do in the world of Dofus!

    But Dofus is not a game. It is a true universe that, in 15 decades, has managed conquer new audiences and to expand to other websites. Along with the game, the World of Twelve was the celebrity of a manga with 26 volumes along with a movie telling the roots of Julith (an iconic character in the sport Called the Butcher and the Guardian of the Ebony Dofus).

    The world of Cheap Kamas Dofus Retro has expanded with its sequel,'' Wakfu, released in 2012 and whose events take place 300 years after those of Dofus. Locate the gaming sensations of the 2000s or find exactly what the title looked like at that moment. Bringing over 570,000 players that are busy, the entire world of Dofus is continually reinventing itself and it is currently waiting for you!