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  • Worse, the old era is long gone. I never thought

    Posted by Wei weismart October 19, 2021 - Category: Galleries 739 views - 0 comments - 0 likes - #WOW Classic TBC Gold 

    The Sylvanas/Bolvar Movie Pre-Patch was very WOW TBC Gold good. I would have it rated higher, even if it was only for the twist-end. It was quite shocking. However, I completely forgot about the "Beyond the Veil" trailer, which was the official trailer of the game. Although the animation is gorgeous but it's boring and uninteresting.

    I am considering returning to WoW since I was a big player until Cataclysm. I loved WotLK from the beginning to the end and am considering switching to Classic or Classic TBC. I'm still a bit confused about the Classic and Classic TBC systems. Does this mean that I can't use a Classic TBC character? If I make a Classic TBC character and they release Classic WotLK will I not be able to use the character in Classic WotLK content? I'm not sure how to navigate between these different classic games and would love to have someone help clarify things for me.

    A large portion of the WoW community wants a proper vanilla wow reboot. A classic+ version of OSRS. We'd like to see new content including new raids, new zones, world bosses that are new, more social encounters during your journey through the game. It is possible to research and incorporate things such as Grim Batol and Hyjal. The paladin could have a taunt as well as mana issues for all specs could be lowered. Itemization could be improved to allow players to use their tier gear. TBC abilities could enhance the game, making it more enjoyable , and also change the game drastically. There aren't enough exciting updates announced so far for Seasons of Mastery. The reason I say this is because there's plenty of small tweaks that could transform the game from vanilla. Modifications to Azeroth could result in an entertaining and thrilling MMORPG experience.

    It's really sad to see blizzards half ass their iconic reboot. The result is double speed along with the same distribution of loot and increased health of bosses, and double speed. It's a recipe to create a casual guild disaster over loot drama. Even though I'm not fond of buffs for the world, it's something I'm willing to do twice as much as I do with the same mechanics. Naxx will cost two times as long to obtain the same gear and it isn't any more satisfying, because it has nothing different. It's the exact same raid like before, etc.

    Worse, the old era is long gone. I never thought to see it retain a large population, but the cost of creating a character clone reduced it. Since no one wants to waste their time, newcomers do not have a place. It can take someone months to achieve their goal, so why bother when the server isn't working.

    Vanilla/classic WoW is a fantastic chance to create a new WoW while also maintaining its heritage. They could make an OSRS change so that we are able to look forward to new updates to the content. It's really frustrating to see the blizzard team do nothing for the classic WoW in general. We don't receive the cheap Burning Crusade Classic Gold same attention as retail customers. I'm extremely disappointed.