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This is probably the most contentious one among the

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  • You're bound to be grouped with some pretty

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    Because I don't wish to tank like you do. ...? Why WOW Burning Crusade Classic Gold must I do 1k+ DPS when I could perform 500-600 overall dps (I've hit 950 dps on certain boss battles, believe it or not) You can take heal off when needed, off tank when needed, battle res to stop the party from wiping in the event of a mishap and the healer is not in the right place, and then give everyone in the party an extra 5% Crit?

    My alt is a feraland can be a good match. I generally tank, however occasionally I want to chill and get some badges without having to worry about running the race. It's really annoying when the group is performing AOE pulls, but I'm just there plinking away at every mob that dies before I score 5 combination points. Unfortunately, Cat doesn't shine in five mens. While the utility you mentioned is nice, it could be a little annoying. If you have an arcane mage in the group , they'll certainly would appreciate the internals. It makes me feel better about my personal DPS.

    You can cure your wild by using the power of the spell. It's not a boomkin that has magic power. Although I'm not going teach you how to play, I do think that 95 is roughly 2/3 of the higher dps classes. Anything lower than that is close to being an 'in. A team can handle 500 dps. You lose all your power over dungeons by imposing that you do dps in these scenarios.

    Only off-heal is allowed when the healer becomes incapacity (and their health is deteriorating dangerously) or when oom/innervate in cooldown ..... I'll turn off the tank when it's needed or when the tank is down for some reason and bres's cooldown is on.

    You're bound to be grouped with some pretty amazing dps and on average, I see most other classes pulling 700-1.2k in total. The avg that I pull for a hybrid class isn't at all bad when you consider the other elements I add to it. I'm also offering all other students five percent more critique.

    I'm sure you have more control to boost your group's overall performance and the ability to obtain items you desire by tanking. Even if your raid's dps is low. My main is a lock and yes, I can do 1500 DPS. My pally for rets has 800+ DPS for trash , and 1k+ when it comes to bosses. I acquired all my ret gear via replenishing and healing as needed. In the end I was able to acquire dps gear either by running buy WOW TBC Gold alongside other classes or simply exclusion from my comp.