This is probably the most contentious one among the

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  • Your account was shut down for seven days

    Posted by Wei weismart September 18, 2021 - Category: Learning 802 views - 0 comments - 0 likes - #Cheap aion classic Kinah 

    I decided to quit the classic last month. It wasn't because of aion classic kinah buying the grinding nature but due to the number of bots that play the game. It makes you feel foolish for playing the game when you're constantly at the mercy of bots who are everywhere. Also , goldsellers can be infuriating and ncsoft will not even bother about it..

    It's their decision. If I were cheating you'd think I wouldn't be going around on my level 22 Cleric raising my gathering skill or buffing people doing the Manduri quests, and so on. You're not responsible for not trusting me. I would, too. But what I'm saying is 100% true. Shugo Console isn't even something I'm using!

    I finally found someone to explain why I got exiled. Be aware, everyone. Utilizing SteelRake and doing the HairPin quest could result in you being banned if you submit it multiple times. That's exactly what I did along with other members in the LFG group I was in. We would take on the mobs, collect the 12 hairpins, head to the shugo and then turn in the quest then go back in Steel Rake and continue on with this method. Heck, this is something almost everyone would do when the game first launched back in 2009. I did not know this was an exploit! I wrote them back inquiring if this is an exploit or a false negative on their part. To me, this is not an exploit but seems to be by design? Anyhow, be careful in the event that you're involved using the hairpin quest.

    This is crazy, there were lfg groups posting for groups with hairpins. It's possible that a lot of those who were banned weren't aware that there was a issue. It's not necessary to alter the game in anyway. Instead of exclusion of 15 percent of their participants, why not just fix it? Because I was too busy farming ap, I am pleased that I did not join any of these groups.

    Be aware that your account has been observed violating the User Agreement and the Rules of Conduct due to the documented use of an exploit that is well-known in Steel Rake. This has been proven by reports and the game logs.

    Your account was shut down for seven days due to this violation. After the suspension of 7 days has been completed, you're allowed to login again and continue to play. The decision is final. Any appeal will be rejected.

    This is the final warning for violators of the User Agreement or Rules of Conduct. Any further violations of the rules could lead to permanent suspension of your Aion account. I ask that you adopt the necessary steps to ensure that cheap aion classic kinah this action is not required.