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  • Dress in colors that are similar to the minerals

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    A possible alternative is that bilrach is to Zamoraks' side. Zamorak as Zaros's primary goal could result in zaros will need to cut off his initial strike because of the initial stage not working. This could result in a collapse of gielenor into RS gold god wars, and decrease Zaros's first strike. Other dieties could migrate onto this plane, causing the conflict. Lucien may become a leader, or not.

    Make an outrageous move that draws attention to you. If the person doesn’t respond to your request, they're either crazy or dumb. To test if they respond, try throwing eggs or snowballs at them. If you don't, then add 4 to your suspicion meter.
    Assessing their score. If the suspicion score is zero, they are not likely to be bots, but it could be. If the suspicion meter reads 1, they are probably a easily-manipulated human. If the suspicion meter is 2, it could be a bot, but then again might not be. If their suspicion meters are at 3, they may be a bot, or they may were a public figure. If the suspicion meters are reading 4, it could be a bot. However, there isn't enough evidence to support this.

    Their suspicion meter readings of 6-10 indicate that they are likely to be botting. However, it's recommended not to make a hasty conclusion. If the suspicion meter of theirs is 11 or higher, they are definitely an automated system and you must immediately report them unless what they're doing isn't causing harm to you in any way, which is unlikely if they got such a score anyway.

    What to do if they are a bot? First of all, you need to report the bot, but do not ignore them until you log out. You won't want them to forget this if they begin talking. Shut any gates or doors that they pass through to get them disoriented. Drop unwanted items on the squares they click. This causes the computer to slow down considerably and increase their inventory. You'll be able make more banking trips and it will also reduce your annoyance.

    Dress in colors that are similar to the minerals they are mining, the trees they cut, or the flax that they are picking. The goal is to lure them away from your home or into danger. Modern bots do not have this level of intelligence, so this strategy isn’t always very efficient.

    Put markers on squares that they click. Some macros will follow a particular pattern to click. If they are distracted by something, it could result in them clicking in the wrong places. If you own pets or summoning a familiar, position the buy RuneScape gold familiar in the areas they might be clicking, like on flax. This will cause them to be confused or at the very least, stop them from stealing your possessions.