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  • The only way I was able to replicate my flicker

    Posted by Wei weismart September 1, 2021 - Category: Fundraisers 797 views - 0 comments - 0 likes - #WOW Classic TBC Gold 

    It appears WoW doesn't like my WOW TBC Gold GPU throttle. My CPU was barely in a hurry, but when I had my GPU at its limit I would see the flickering. The flickering got worse due to add-ons.

    This is why I had to limit my game FPS limit to 60 and everything got much more smooth. Although it's a bit annoying that you can see your back at 60 after playing for a long time, it is still significantly better than the flickering I had experienced.

    After changing my settings and limiting my framerate down to 60, I still was seeing a fair amount of flickering. This is what I stated in my earlier article. I had believed that it was my GPU was the issue however, a portion of me was thinking that it wasn't. My GPU was not equipped to handle other games. It's time to upgrade my GPU. I'll need another. (I had intended to upgrade my GPU, but ...) I'm thinking my GPU is working fine. There aren't any hardware issues.

    My issue isn't caused by Windows 10's old DWM, Desktop Window Manager, or refresh rate code. This means that when I play WoW on my primary monitor would need be synchronized to the rate that my GPU could do, which was typically not quite 144 FPS. It would encounter a problem. My second monitor was in good shape, it was just set at the 144hz. The DWM could cause an increase in brightness and then drop the frames on my main screen.

    Prior to that I had my primary running at 144hz and my second was running at 60hz. I didn't even notice it, because DWM was, in my ignorance, kept both framerates at 60. I was still experiencing flickering sometimes, but I noticed the solution I tried to resolve it ultimately lead to my game FPS dropping to 60.

    The only way I was able to replicate my flicker was when crafting. Even when there were no mods running in the process of turning scraps of leather into leather, for example, I would see an occasional flicker after the finalization. My mods that I use are now running and I am having no issues.

    What does a great PC mean? What resolution do you work at? Do you use gsync or freesync? Have you reached a cap on the fps you can use? What's the refresh rate of your monitor? For me, it sounds like buy WOW Classic TBC Gold it's probably a computer issue. What percentage load is your GPU under while you play? What is the percent of load your GPU endures while playing?