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This is probably the most contentious one among the

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  • This is probably an overly long time but I'm still searching

    Posted by Wei weismart August 26, 2021 792 views - 0 comments - 0 likes - #WOW Classic TBC Gold 

    My issue is not due to Windows 10's outdated DWM, Desktop Window Manager, or refresh rate code. Therefore, when WoW was running on WOW TBC Gold my primary monitor would need to sync its rate with the maximum speed my GPU could do, which was typically not 144 FPS, it would be unable to do so and cause problems. My 2nd monitor was fine and was set to the 144hz. The DWM would cause flickering, and eventually drop the frames on my primary screen.

    Prior to having my primary at 144hz and my secondary running at 60hz, didn't notice because DWM at the time, unnoticed to me was locking both framerates at 60 hz. It was still happening sometimes, but I realized that any solution to it was eventually a cause for my in-game FPS dropping down to 60.

    My flicker was eventually replicated during the process of crafting. Even without any mods activated, in the process of turning scraps of leather into leather, for instance I would get small flickering upon completion. Since then, I have all of my mods running that I normally run and I am experiencing no issues.

    What does a good pc mean? Which resolution are you using? Are you using gsync or freesync? Do you know the maximum frame rate your monitor will handle? What is the refresh rate of your monitor? It appears that the issue is with your computer. What is the amount of GPU using while playing? What percentage load is the one core that impresses you with your CPU when playing?

    I had issues with raid just a few weeks in the past for a couple of weeks at a time while testing addons , both on and off. My issue was solved by turning off Details streaming (I believe it's what it was called, I'm not in my computer right now) Maybe try that to see if you can also use details.

    Rivatuner should be turned off. My experience was that it caused the game to freeze rather than stuttering, but you never are aware of it. I'm using in-game fps cap now, but there are times when I have Stuttering. I'm guessing that it's due to add-ons, and it's more prevalent when I have multiple clients running, as in every 10-20s.

    This is probably an overly long time but I'm still searching for people who can play Classic TBC. I was always a retail player, but all my friends quit playing. I switched to Classic and am now as isolated. It's difficult without the CRZ. Still, I enjoy Mankrik Horde. I'm just trying to determine whether there is anyone out there in search of a friend or might want to play with me. Even though I play other PC games I would love to buy WOW Burning Crusade Classic Gold have WoW buddies. Discord is my favorite method of communicating.