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buying aluminum stage truss

  • Please don't just focus on price when buying aluminum stage truss

    What do you care about when you buy aluminum stage truss? Most people's answer is price! In the display industry, this one also applies. Whether it is the customer or the competitor, the price is far more sensitive than the other, even more important than the aluminum stage truss itself. However, this practice is not worth advocating, because this practice cannot buy quality products and services.

    Shizhan Group often encounters customers who only ask for price, i.e., they don't contact the manufacturer after knowing the price, and customer return visits are politely refused: I just want to know! This situation is not only in Shizhan Group, but also in other stage truss factories, and it is common in the whole industry. If customers are only obsessed with price, the industry is "sick".

    The consumer's concern where, those "intentional" manufacturers will come up with crooked tricks: making inferior products, and then sell at low prices, and repeatedly prohibited, the spring breeze blowing again. A product's price is low, other aspects of the natural discount, the harm to the entire market need not be said. The obsession with price will eventually backfire on the customers themselves and make them suffer.

    Smart customers will not only focus on price, but also other concerns, such as production process, logistics efficiency, location advantages ...... after a combination of many factors, before deciding from which stage Shizhan Group factory purchase, to determine that the manufacturer is trustworthy, to facilitate subsequent purchases. The amount of information obtained by considering the whole picture is much more than the information obtained by looking at the price only.

    The more information obtained, the greater the value to the customer, however, the reality is that customers who only look at prices still account for the majority, because these are too general and take a lot of time, and not all customers are willing to spend this time! So, old customers trust the manufacturers more and more, customers who only ask price will end up spending their time on asking price, but also can't buy quality products and services.

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      October 9, 2021 2:13 AM PDT