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FIFA 20: Back on the road

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  • FIFA 20 Coins V2.0 Electronic Arts is using the football simulation "FIFA 20" as a good and highly recommended game - also thanks to the new street football mode "VOLTA".

    Why does a new "FIFA" have to appear every year? That's the same every year! "Questions and statements like these were after the release of" FIFA 20 "in late September - as well as many of its predecessors - in relevant video game forums on the Internet a hundred times read. The football simulation of the game publisher giant Electronic Arts (EA) which appears annually since 1993 FIFA 20 Coins V2.0 for sale is controversial in the gamer scene. Among other things EA is especially in the review each year because many players can hardly see differences between the individual issues of the football series.

    World's bestseller
    In stark contrast the sales figures are: The games of the "FIFA" series are year after year absolute bestsellers and are among the best-selling games worldwide. So is criticism of football simulation justified or not? So much in advance: Electronic Arts invents the wheel with "FIFA 20" the current part of the series not new. But the developer team does not have to. Because the sales success of "FIFA" has reasons. One of the most important is certainly the enormous amount of licenses that provide an unrivaled level of realism. More than 30 official international leagues including the three German professional leagues the four highest leagues in England and many other top leagues with a total of more than 700 club and national teams and over 17 000 players in "FIFA 20" speak a clear language. It is annoying that Juventus one of the strongest teams in the game around world star Cristiano Ronaldo runs under a false name namely "Piemonte Calcio" and with a fantasy jersey designed by EA. The reason is an exclusive partnership agreement Turin with the big "FIFA" competitor "Pro Evolution Soccer". The Munich Allianz Arena and the Brazilian national team are also affected.

    But one thing is certain: "FIFA" has developed significantly in recent years. Thanks to Electronic Arts' own Frostbite engine the graphics in FIFA 20 are as good as ever and the level of detail is exceptional. So you can see for example in close-ups of the often authentically converted player faces sweat drops on the forehead and some players like the Brazilian superstar Neymar are like the real prototype multiple tattooed. Also in terms of game mechanics "FIFA 20" has improved. The game is slower and therefore more realistic than its predecessor. A gameplay revolution does not take place.

    Something has also changed in singleplayer mode. In "FIFA 17" EA introduced the story mode "The Journey" in which one plays the way of the English young footballer Alex Hunter of the talent to the pro. It was exciting because it brought a motivational story into play as an extra option for all single players who did not want to play just tournaments or careers. Hunter's story ended in "FIFA 19".

    For "FIFA 20" EA has come up with something special: the mode "VOLTA". With him back to the roots of football: back to the road. "VOLTA" is very similar to the fan favorite "FIFA Street" and is a mix of street football and futsal the internationally recognized variation of indoor football. About the story: At the beginning you create your avatar which you can style with countless visual customization options to create your digital image. This player leads you through various stations where you measure yourself with many real stars of the street football scene to the "VOLTA" World Championships in Buenos Aires. The story does not reach the level of "The Journey" but the mode provides a lot of variety to the usual action on the lawn. And he has a high addiction factor.

    New mode convinces
    The conclusion? It is true that the individual "FIFA" games are similar year after year and often only cosmetics in homeopathic quantities takes place. But it's also true that the game creates a great atmosphere thanks to the large number of licenses - "FIFA" is more than a step ahead of the competition from "Pro Evolution Soccer." In addition the changes in the gameplay area are small but effective. The new "VOLTA" mode is also absolutely successful which is why "FIFA 20" is a recommended game with which one can have many many hours of fun alone or with friends.

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