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China Polishing Machine Suppliers

  • Polishing machines are used in all walks of life, but polishing machines with different functions in different industries. Although the polishing machine has this different function, the installation method of the polishing machine is really the same, then the following is followed by the China Polishing Machine Suppliers . Polishing machine installation precautions.

    1. The primary requirement is to comprehensively analyze the soil pressure resistance, water level, etc. at the location of the device, and the device design requirements must be satisfied to satisfy the device requirements of the polishing machine.

    2. When the device is polished, the ground should be cleaned as much as possible to prevent the machine from being cleaned.

    3. The device should prevent high-voltage transmission lines from being disturbed by the electronic polishing machine.

    4. The demand has an independent power supply to prevent sharing with other high-power appliances.

    5 The polishing machine device requires a relatively wide device site, and it is important to have a satisfactory operating space.

    6. Rainy, humid, salt, alkali and other regional equipment polishing machine can not be on the general mud, otherwise the need to consider ventilation and drainage and many other issues.

    7. The device polishing machine must not be placed on the tuyere, otherwise the polishing machine will not work well when the wind is blowing.

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      October 10, 2019 6:56 PM PDT