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100w Led Flood Light Manufacturers


    Slowly more and more led floodlights have replaced halogen and incandescent lamps, so what are the advantages of these led floodlights can quickly become the new favorite, followed by 100w Led Flood light manufacturers to see led The characteristics of the floodlights.

    1. The LED floodlight housing is made of aluminum and has a waterproof rating of IP65.

    2. LED floodlights save energy. It can save 80% of the energy of traditional ordinary lamps, but can produce the same brightness without changing them.

    3. Cold light source - The floodlight body is not very hot. After a few hours of use, the surface of the LED light is warm.

    4. LED floodlights have improved the problems of many conventional luminaires, such as the short life of burning lamps and halogen bulbs. After replacement, the LED body is very cool and has a longer life than a halogen lamp.

    5. High illumination uniformity, which means fewer bright spots or dark spots after replacing the LED.information about 100w Led Flood light :
      September 10, 2019 2:18 AM PDT