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Four Characteristics Of 100w Led Flood Light

  • The illumination range of LED floodlights can be adjusted arbitrarily, and LED floodlights are the most widely used ones in landscape lighting. Let us introduce the main features of the 100w Led Flood light as follows:

    1, LED floodlight housing and module adopt die-cast aluminum (ADC12) to ensure the safety of LED floodlights (anti-typhoon 12), LED floodlight anti-collision grade reaches IK10.

    2, LED floodlight body color can choose: black, white, silver.

    3, LED floodlight module design, LED floodlight radiator uses high-conductivity aviation aluminum to provide sufficient heat dissipation area for LED floodlights, so that the LED floodlight temperature rise is not higher than 30 °C.

    4, LED floodlight silicone sealing ring using the United States Dow Corning raw material die-casting, so that LED floodlight module radiator and lens perfectly combined, LED floodlights waterproof level can reach IP67.

      May 9, 2019 1:47 AM PDT