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Neverwinter The latest module Ravenloft

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  • Ravenloft is the latest module for Neverwinter, a free action-MMORPG based on the famous Dungeons & Dragons fantasy universe, and it is now available to play on PC. Buy Neverwinter Zen with Professional Service Online, at is Security and Fast Delivery Guaranteed.

    Ravenloft has a long history in D&D, releasing in 1983 as a module for the game’s first ever edition. D&D is currently in its fifth edition, and Ravenloft made a triumphant return to the setting with the Curse of Strahd an updated, rewritten release of the original module.

    Neverwinter Online launched its Ravenloft module. This included a new spin on the Hunt mechanic that the developers have been fine tuning since the beginning of Chult last year. However, this new hunt system in Ravenloft had a huge exploit that went unchecked for quite some time.

    A pretty whopping title update has been released for Neverwinter as players can now indulge countless hours into a new expansion dubbed Swords of Chult. Patch notes and screens have been released for the update and the notes include a heavy list of highlights, additions, fixes and changes.

    Neverwinter has some exciting new items planned for the Lost City of Omu, set to launch on February 27th. These include mounts, gear, weapons, and artifacts, so you can find plenty to like as you journey through the new adventure at the end of the month.

    Neverwinter site has been updated with a new developer blog to detail some of the powerful weapons and upgrades players will find when journeying through the Lost City of Omu. To begin with, three new Artifact Weapon Sets will be available in the Zen Store with each set providing a specific bonus.

    For instance, the Pilgrim weapon set benefits a player depending on how many enemies are being faced, while the Pioneer set provides benefits depending on the number of allies within range. This post was edited by kittylulu72797 at January 22, 2019 5:18 PM PST
      January 22, 2019 5:18 PM PST