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  • Posted January 27, 2022
    The factory noted that this particular episode of the game pays more attention to 2K22 MT Buy the defensive connection, and comprehensively overhauls the shooting interference and blocking attack system. It also adds several brand-new blocking methods such as exciting smash-blocking waves.

    If the player interfers or doubles the other player's shooter at the proper time, it can greatly affect the shot percentage of the opponent or even force the player in shooting the AirBall. Similarly, if the player is defensively in the wrong position or is not assisting to shooters such as letting the opponent have an shot, it will make the opponent very easy to score.

    It is important to note that the use of defensive AI an important area of research for the next generation of artificial intelligence. The ball-holding defensive position system allows players to have more of a consistent understanding of their positions, and enhances logic when changing defenses/assist defensive positions, and will not randomly move away from the frame. The players are focused on protecting hazardous areas.

    This part is also accompanied by improvements in defense and ball-holding. In the event that you defend the center of the basket or the shooter closely following the perimeter the player can perceive that it is larger than what they had previously experienced. There is a sense of defensive pressure.

    Dribbling has always been the essence of every generation of NBA 2K22 how to buy MT basketball games in 2K. The game "NBA 2K22","standard fancy dribble, "basic fancy dribble" as well as"signature fancy fancy dribble "signature fancy dribble" are combined in one. Its purpose is to create extravagant movements and capture of luck.