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  • Posted January 20, 2022
    In this level gap, the best fish to cook will be in OSRS Gold the level gap is a Trout. You can catch them by trout fishing from Barbarian Village close to Varrock or near Lumbridge Castle. If you're just beginning to become a player and don't have money, you can visit the area with an axe and firebox.

    Near the spot where you fish, players will drop fresh Trout while speedleveling Fishing. It is possible to pick it up then light the fire to cook them on the spot. If you have some cash it would be faster to buy them in the Grand Exchange and cook Trout at Rogue's Den or Hosidius House. You'll need about 130 Trouts, cooked correctly, to attain the level 30.

    Similar to Trouts similarly to Trouts them at Barbarian Village for free in exchange for dropping them by other players. Getting to 50 cooking should require around 1000 cooked Salmons and can take a few hours.

    That's the fish you'll stop burning since the level 59 stage with Cooking Gauntlets and at Cooking Range it is impossible to not catch this fish. In addition, at this point in the guide for skill development, when you complete the subsequent steps of leveling, you won't have to burn any additional food.

    Though you'll require around 9k Lobster cooked to get to Old School RS Gold the next stage this is an extremely affordable method, considering that raw Lobsters tend to be snatched up by fishermen and cooked Lobsters are selling well. In this moment, if you haven't cooked at Hosidius house yet , you should be preparing to do that.