Mobile Community FIFA 22 Guide - How to Complete a Player Moment Jamie Vardy SBC

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  • Posted On : Jun 30, 2022
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  • EA Sports previously released Shapeshifters items, flashback cards, and End of an Era player during the sale. Jamie Vardy went live during Shapeshifters Team 2 on June 28 and was the first Moments card released during Shapeshifters.

    Considering the number of upgraded SBCs currently available on the menu, Vardy's SBCs shouldn't be too expensive. Players can prepare FUT 22 Coins in advance to meet new challenges, RPGStash can help you get enough Coins quickly. Completing FIFA 22 will earn you a different player pack.

    How to Complete Moments Jamie Vardy SBC:

    Segment 1

    # of Players from England: Min. 1
    TOTW or TOTS Players: Min. 1
    Squad Rating: 84
    Team Chemistry: 70
    # of Players in the Squad: 11
    REWARD: Premium Mixed Players Pack

    Segment 2

    # of Players from Premier League: Min. 1
    TOTW or TOTS Players: Min. 1
    Squad Rating: 85
    Team Chemistry: 65
    # of Players in the Squad: 11
    REWARD: Rare Mixed Players Pack

    Segment 3

    Squad Rating: 86
    Team Chemistry: 60
    # of Players in the Squad: 11
    REWARD: Premium Gold Players Pack

    The Jamie Vardy card has been officially notified of the UEFA Europa League and the road to the final. This is also the third special card in FIFA 22, the UECL Live card has a total cap of 93, so this card is a nice boost to the program.

    Vardy has elite speed, shooting, and dribbling. In addition, skill moves and weak feet are upgraded to four and five stars, respectively. Among the many star cards, although Vardy is not particularly prominent, it is still relatively stable. Players can choose cards according to their needs.

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