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  • Posted On : Jun 10, 2022
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  • As we all know, Lost Ark's endgame gear isn't something that comes naturally, and all the gear you get during your level-up adventure falls short and won't allow you to continue developing your character. Thankfully, getting endgame gear doesn't work so complicated. Chaos Dungeons endgame is one way to decorate your character.

    Chaos Dungeons is the first endgame content you unlock after level 50, to unlock Chaos Dungeons you need to reach level 50 and travel to the continent of Vern. Continue there for the main story missions (designated by the blue globe icon) until you reach Fern Castle and unlock the Chaos Dungeons and Honing system.

    Chaos Dungeons are a great way to equip your character with new gear, allowing you to unlock the rest of the Lost Ark endgame content. Once you unlock Chaos Dungeons, you have to defeat more enemies to get more Lost Ark Gold and 302 items, you can also get many materials here to upgrade your gear.

    Players can only do two Chaos dungeons per day, and since there are randomly generated elements to receive loot, there's no guarantee you'll come out of the first few Chaos dungeons with a full set of gear. Getting a full set of endgame gear can take a few runs, but the upside is that you'll also accumulate a ton of upgradeable materials to use.

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