Mobile Community RPGStash Lost Ark Guide: How to Get Simple Oreha Fusion Materials

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  • Posted On : Apr 06, 2022
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    Oreha Fusion materials are a lot of useful tools for players to craft. For the player, having more Oreha Fusion materials means the possibility of getting the item. So how do you get a simple Oreha Fusion material?

    Players usually choose to enter chaos dungeons and guardian raids to obtain Lost Ark Gold and other Lost Ark Items materials such as stone crystals and leaping stones, but you cannot obtain Oreha Fusion materials. There are three simple ways to obtain Oreha Fusion materials:

        1. Crafting at your Stronghold

    The cheapest way to get a fusion material is to craft it in your garrison. You will receive 30 Oreha Fusion Material items for each batch you craft. However, several steps need to be completed in advance. First, in the research lab of the fortress, research how to make fusion materials. Your options will include fishing, digging and hunting. These options will determine the materials needed to craft the materials and how to obtain each item. After completing the research, you will find the crafting recipe under "Special" in the Garrison Workshop. Depending on the options you research, you will need different crafting materials and gold.

        2. Purchasing from the auction house

    If you need rare crafting items to craft fusion materials, then you can use common items to exchange with NPCs or buy them from the auction house. Find trade merchants in strongholds, exchange items for trade skill powder, and buy rare items and rare crafting materials.

        3. Buying from Mari's Secret Shop

    If you don't want to farm for these items, you can also buy Simple Oreha Fusion Material from Mari's shop, which requires a lot of Gold or Sapphire. If you only want to buy a small amount, this is the most convenient way to do it in-game. But when you need to buy a lot of material, you need a lot of Lost Ark Gold or Sapphire.

    As we all know, Lost Ark Gold is the most precious currency, players need to spend a lot of time and energy to farm it, and when you use Gold to exchange for other items, you will spend a lot of precious time, thus losing patience with the game.

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