How To Get Diablo 4 Temptation Mount

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How To Get Diablo 4 Temptation Mount

Posted By xiao xiaoli     May 19    


Prospective Nephalem entering the industry of Sanctuary in Diablo 4 will need to know how to find the Temptation mount, having a flayed horse design seems both frightening and fantastic while doing so.

This guide explains ways you can get and use the Temptation mount to buy diablo 4 items, as jumping from it which has a unique dismount ability for every single class would likely really set a dark tone and, heck, maybe frighten the hordes with the Burning Hells into submission...

Diablo 4 Temptation Mount: How To Get

Diablo 4

We are simply going to rip the bandaid off right this moment: There is no way to receive the Temptation mount excluding opening your wallet and getting either a Digital Deluxe or Ultimate Diablo 4 Edition. For those who do not know, the Standard Edition costs $69.99, however, you can't have the Temptation mount from this as a pre-order incentive.

Instead, you need to fork out either $89.99 for your Digital Deluxe Edition or $99.99 for your Ultimate Edition. Of course, these editions have the Battle Pass, and also the Ultimate Edition even includes tier skips, which means you aren't just obtaining the Temptation mount for an extra in Diablo 4.

You can pre-order buy diablo 4 items through the Xbox Store, the PlayStation Store, or via, determined by which platform you would like it on. We've added backlinks to each store below making it as easy as possible.

The Temptation Mount should become accessible for players together with the qualifying game license on all platforms to utilize once Diablo 4 releases on 2 June 2023 via Early Access launch.

Get Diablo 4 Temptation Mount Free?

At some time of writing, there is no way to receive the Temptation mount without cost in Diablo 4. We will update you if a supply of this excellent, flayed-horse mount totally free becomes available in the foreseeable future.

So there it is, a way to find the Temptation mount in Diablo 4, a flayed horse seems absolutely stunning. We will update this information if anything changes.