Fixing Canon Printer \u2018Not Responding\u2019 Issue
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  • Fixing Canon Printer \u2018Not Responding\u2019 Issue
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Fixing Canon Printer ‘Not Responding’ Issue

Posted By andrew taylor     May 2    


If you’ve installed your new Canon printer model or trying with an older one, then your printer doesn’t sometimes respond when you connect to your system or device.

Several reasons can be behind the Canon printer Offline error as your device may not communicate to the canon printer, and simultaneously there are various possible solutions as well. In this article, we’ll try covering up each possible cause and solution.         

A few solutions of printer not responding are;

  • Reset your canon printer
  • Update printer drivers
  • Check the network communication
  • Reinstall the drivers if required.

Here are complete solutions in detail, read and try on your printer.

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Reset the Canon Printer –

Resetting is the best solution for your Canon printer to respond to the system. Go through below steps

  • Turn Off your Canon printer model by powering it off.
  • Remove the USB cable if connected.
  • At least for 10 minutes, unplug the printer power.
  • Once 10 minutes are finished, plug the printer power back in.     
  • Reconnect the data cable for a communication issue solution.
  • Turn on the printer again.
  • Now check whether you can print or not.
  • In case, Canon printer isn’t printing, and you can access, remove and replace the carriage ink.
  • In network models, the errors can occur due to a new router name or password change, etc.

Reinstalling Your Canon Printer Drivers

Old canon printer drivers may be uncorrupted or not supporting your system now. Therefore, it requires reinstallation or update.

  • Go to a Canon printer official site, for example, or
  • Once you open the Canon support site, use your model number to download the correct Canon printer drivers.  
  • Follow on-screen instructions to install the file and solve the issue.

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Solve Network Communication issues -

  • Check and state if there is an error code, then address it, continue with the next move.
  • If you didn’t change your wireless network using a router, password, or anything, then turn off your Canon printer and unplug the wireless router. Then plug it in after 15 seconds.
  • Power on the printer and try printing. If you can’t find any improvement, then follow the next step.  
  • You have to print the network setting as it shows information like connection status – Active or inactive. If you see the printer is connection inactive or incorrect router information, then reconnect the network.

Check Your WiFi Connection  

  • When the Canon printer connects to the wireless network without any hardware change, then reboot your PC.
  • Perform wireless setup or reestablish the wireless network connection.
  • In the case of Virtual Private Network connection, disconnect from the VPN and check whether it’s interfacing printer communication.    

Reboot your Wireless or Wired Router/Modem

If your router or other modem isn’t working properly or communicating with systems, then powers cycle the router with the below steps;

  • Disconnect the power 
  • Reconnect it after 30 seconds.
  • The router or modem booting may take time.
  • After you reestablish the proper connection, the communication should be recreated if this was the issue.