Where can beginners Dark and Darker players go to get EXP

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Where can beginners Dark and Darker players go to get EXP

Posted By delmerrayppi95051     Apr 12    


After having the general notions understood, where can beginners Dark and Darker players go to get EXP? There are several methods for doing this. The easiest method is to enter the dungeon to take out NPC opponents or other players. However there are plenty more actions to will grant EXP apart from this Dark And Darker Gold. These actions all grant EXP and it's likely that this will answer any concerns players may have regarding why someone within their group was getting higher levels than they did.

In addition, there aren't any figures available yet to determine what actions in DaD provides the highest amount of EXP. This is likely to alter between this alpha and the final release. However, some players have observed that certain actions can cause the EXP bar to rise quite dramatically, such as: Escape from the Dungeon by using an Blue Portal. Intensely exploring the Dungeon via the Red Portal. The boss is defeated at the bottom on Red Portal floor. Red Portal floor.

There are also ways to earn a large amount of EXP in a single go like gaining an entire set of kills from PvE or PvP within a single game or leaving with lots of loot, however the above methods are the most effective and are the ones that seem to provide the highest amount overall. Let's also be clear about a few things regarding the process of leveling or earning EXP for Dark and Darker which players are in confusion about: EXP can be (sadly) not available to all players in a group for killing (both both PvE as well as PvP).

The "last hit" seems to be the most important factor in order to gain EXP to kill (think mining minions from MOBAs similar to League of Legends). The process of opening the chest seems to be what grants the actual EXP earned from looting, not just the number of items taken from the chest etc.Looting killing, looting, and the like will provide EXP as long as the player isn't able to escape from the Dungeon otherwise most players would be trapped in an unending level one loop.

The Experimental Solo-only Mode can give EXP however it's more punishing regarding spawns and enemy positioning. EXP from PvE kills appear to be dependent on the kind of the enemy. For example, a simple Skeleton is less likely to give you EXP than creatures found that are on the Cheap DAD Gold second level in the Dungeon.