Lost Ark Nightmare Ghost Ship Guide

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Lost Ark Nightmare Ghost Ship Guide

Posted By Tom Riva     July 19, 2022    


What is Lost Ark Nightmare Ghost Ship

Raids and ships in Lost Ark are an important part of the game. The Nightmare Ghost Ship is part of "Ghost Ships". These ghost ships are like floating mini-raids where players battle against a group of ghost pirates on board. Ultimately, players need to defeat tough bosses, which, in short, are quite challenging and rewarding for completing missions.

These events are easy to miss since many players are used to teleporters and ignore navigation. Explore the waters and around the islands of Arkesia and you'll find interesting places such as Turtle Island and Ghost Ship events. Please make sure your Lost Ark Items level is 460 before boarding the ship. Crew can be very challenging, it is best to level up with Lost Ark Gold to be able to defeat the boss.

Where is the Lost Ark Nightmare Ghost Ship?

Nightmare Ghost Ship is a ghost ship with stunning cinematic and real pirate vibes. There is no specific bit to the ghost ship, it tends to spawn randomly at various times throughout Arkesia. Going to every place can be tedious, but that's what makes exploring so much more rewarding. This gives you a low point with a higher spawn rate, on the west side of the high seas.

    West of Rethramis
    In the Sea of ​​Procyon, west of South Vern
    East of Feiton

If you're in stormy waters, you're heading in the right direction. Just be patient as the boat may take some time to spawn. The ship tends to spawn only a few times a day, a few hours apart. Once there, it will appear on the map.

Pay attention to the compass icon below the minimap to open the compass of your South Rivers and Four Rivers. You will be able to see all the details of when the next ship will spawn. You can also use the Procyon for various other things, such as finding Thunderwings in the Lost Ark to find the Chaos Stone.

How to Defeat the Nightmare Ghost Ship

When you try to get close to the Nightmare Ghost Ship, you will encounter a very violent storm, keep at it, and eventually, you will get the cutscenes and join in. If you are hard to access, you should consider upgrading your boat. Select Embark. When you are on the ship, you need to defeat all the crew members within a limited time.

It would be best if you also consider getting the ghost ship ability when you board. Eibern's Wound will make life easier throughout the raid. However, getting it can be very tedious. You must complete "Bleak Night Fog" 12 times to earn Eibern's Wound.

How to get the Ghost Ship: Eibern's Wound?

Go to Lost Ark Una's Missions tab (alt + J) and go to Reputation Status. There, check "Items" and search for "ghost ship". You should get "Ghost Ship: Eibern's Wound" in the results. Click on the magnifying glass next to the quest and accept "Desolate Night Fog". This quest will appear every few hours, and as mentioned, you need to complete it 12 times.

Take Berald, he has a nice passive buff on the Nightmare ghost ship. You can get him via Eyaru for 80k Pirate Coins.

Lost Ark Nightmare Ghost Ship Rewards

Completing the Nightmare Ghost Ship quest, no matter how many raids you make, can only claim the reward once per week, and you can earn the "Ghost Ship" skin when you complete part of the questline for at least one Nightmare Ghost Ship raid. Raid rewards include:

    Pirate Coins
    Engraving Books
    Cosmetic Items

That's all there is to the Lost Ark Nightmare Ghost Ship. Read on and you'll know more details. If you want to make yourself stronger, consider following RPGStash. It will give you more information about Lost Ark raids, and you can also buy Cheap Lost Ark Gold directly from here to save you even more precious time.