Get Path of Exile Mirror of Kalandra Guide

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Get Path of Exile Mirror of Kalandra Guide

Posted By Tom Riva     July 6, 2022    


The POE Mirror of Kalandra is known to be the rarest and most valuable POE Currency Item, and players can use the Mirror of Kalandra to create mirrored replicas of items, so it is most profitable to use it to replicate top-tier items.

Although the card Mirror of Kalandra can only be used once, it is well worth it if it can be copied to the top item. Players attempt to acquire it by killing monsters, chests, and destructible containers (including the Arcanist's Strongbox). It is thousands of times rarer than Exalted Orbs, and only a very small number of players will find the drop.

How to get Mirror of Kalandra:

1. Collect 5 Emperor's Luck Divination cards

The currency items exchanged for collecting Emperor's Luck Divination cards are relatively random, but the Mirror of Kalandra is included, and the drop rate is not high. Players can use it as a long-term investment method. Maybe one day if they are lucky, they will drop one, which is a good choice.

2. Collect 9 House of Mirrors Divination cards

Opening the treasure chest also has a certain chance to drop the Mirror of Kalandra. When the player reaches level 35, they can kill the enemy and open the treasure chest. But this drop chance is also very low. Players can earn House of Mirrors Divination cards by spending time and effort in Alluring Abyss, which is a way to earn Mirror of Kalandra.

3. Convert to a currency of lower value

If you have enough Chaos Orb or Exalted Orb, then you can use these precious Orbs to exchange for Mirror of Kalandra, which is also a good choice, as long as it can be traded, it is determined whether the player can get it. Currently, players need to spend about 95k Chaos Orb or about 530 Exalted Orb.

This is not a simple number, because both Chaos Orb and Exalted Orb are relatively rare and precious in the Path of Exile, and it is not easy to accumulate so many POE Orbs.

Buy Mirror of Kalandra

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