Path of Exile Guide - Recombinator Crafting

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Path of Exile Guide - Recombinator Crafting

Posted By Tom Riva     July 5, 2022    


Path of Exile is very suitable for adventure-loving players. Players can kill monsters to get rewards and level up. They can also do some daily leisure tasks in the game. Many Path of Exile Currency items are very important to players, especially Yes POE Chaos Orb or Exalted Orbs are very reusable.

A special currency item used by the Recombinator to craft equipment. Destroy two items of the same type to get another mod item. The mods are chosen absolutely randomly, so the result will be an item that contains one or more mods for the item being crafted.

Players may also encounter losing a mod on one or two items, gaining an item with fewer mods on the device used for crafting. There is also a very low chance of exclusive sentry modifiers appearing on POE Items, such as the blood magic keystone as a suffix.

How to get Recombinator

As part of the Sentinel League, Recombinator Crafting can be obtained as loot from creatures that have been empowered by Sentinels. Their chance to drop can be increased by using Sentinel Controller mods such as Rewards with an X% chance of being a Sentinel Reward and using Sentinels to give enhanced enemies an X% chance of having the Sentinel Reward modifier.

How Recombinator Crafting Works

The final base is chosen from the items used for crafting, so a base needs to go with the same item. Sockets and Links, Implicit, Corruption Status and Effects will remain on the selected project library. Legacy modifiers can also carry over to new projects.

The Influence mod is standalone, it does not transfer to the non-influence or other influence item library. However, mods from a specific base can be transferred to another new base. Such as quicker activation of energy shield from ES armor to evasion armor. Using two bases with the same influence increases your chances of saving influence mods.

Mod Tiers can increase (higher tiers mean better rolling range) or decrease items gained through crafting. Items obtained through crafting can have two or even three alliance-specific mods (such as Essence, Drilling, or Invasion), and can be one alliance or different (items with Drilling and Essence mods).

Players can eventually get items with two Fractured modifiers. The item level of the item used affects crafting. The final result can be one of the item levels or their average.

RPGStash does not recommend magic with 1-2 mods or rare items with 3-4 mods. The fewer mobs on both items, the fewer mods will spawn, so 2 rare items and 3 mods can both spawn an item with 1-2 mods.

The above is an introduction to Recombinator Crafting, players must understand how it works to make better use of it. In Path of Exile, there are other more interesting currency items waiting for you to explore, if you need a large number of currency items, please go to to Buy Path of Exile Currency This will be your fastest choice to surpass others, RPGStash will Help more players who don't have time to farm currency have a good gaming experience.