What are the ways to get the Headhunter Belt

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What are the ways to get the Headhunter Belt

Posted By Tom Riva     July 4, 2022    


The Headhunter is a unique belt added to the game in the Nemesis League. The Headhunter Leather Belt has become the most popular POE Item due to its difficulty in obtaining, Also one of the most expensive items.

Get the Headhunter Belt

For Magic Find builds, players may get rare drops like Headhunters in the Grave Chamber and Spider Forest after collecting all 8 Doctor Cards. To some extent, it may require extra time and effort, but this method guarantees a headhunter drop.

The other method is Farming Demon Cards, after collecting 11 Demon Cards, players may get rare drops in the Temple map and the Abbey of Decay. If you're not sure about getting the drop or don't want to invest the time and effort, you can choose Chaos Orbs to buy it.

Beyond that, some leagues offer players new opportunities to earn headhunting belts, although even here it's largely up to your luck. They are Beastcrafting, The Temple of Atzoatl, Legion Incubators, and Ritual League Rewards. As league-specific unique items, players will have a great chance to get a unique Headhunter Belt.

Use Orb of Chance and Orb of Scouring on a Leather Belt in an attempt to obtain Headhunter. Of course, obtaining Headhunter through trade is the only guaranteed way, but its price will vary. You can now view PoE deals for current prices.

If you think POE Trade is expensive or don't have more time to devote to acquiring the Headhunter Belt, then I suggest you buy POE Orbs directly from RPGStash, which provides Items including Headhunter Belt for sale, which will be the most convenient and fast Way.

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