The Siege Of The Atlas - POE Black Star Guide

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The Siege Of The Atlas - POE Black Star Guide

Posted By Tom Riva     July 3, 2022    


The Siege Of The Atlas introduces four new endgame bosses. Every battle has some deadly new mechanics. Black Star can easily crush unsuspecting people. If you're in the Polaric Void, RPGStash is always ready to supply you with POE Currency, allowing you to keep fighting enemies.

Black Star Arena Mechanics - Polaric Void

The entire Black Star battle revolves around the center of the arena. When you load into the Polaric Void, you'll immediately notice that the center globe emits two flames, dividing the arena into a fiery red half and an icy blue half. Black Star has two very powerful attacks: Star Avalanche and Solar Storm, and mastering the coping strategies of these two abilities will help you defeat them more effectively.

Fire attacks break the pillars on the cold side of the arena but not the fireside, and cold attacks break the pillars on the fire side but not the cold side. Players need to acquire a layer of Light of Obliteration debuff before Black Star can launch this attack. The debuff it brings will reduce the damage of opposing elements.

When Black Star uses Star Avalanche to emit a deadly beam, the player hides behind the pillars in the red area of ​​the polar void at the correct angle, which can effectively avoid damage, while the pillars in the blue area will break.

In Black Star's boss fight, Black Star's attacks mainly deal with a lot of fire and cold damage. Thankfully, players can also reduce this by sticking to the right part of the arena. Make sure you are immune to Freeze or have a way to remove it before starting a fight. Otherwise, a cold attack on the wrong side of the arena will get you into trouble.

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