RPGStash POE Guide - How to use Sentinel Controller

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RPGStash POE Guide - How to use Sentinel Controller

Posted By Tom Riva     June 19, 2022    


The Sentinel Controller is a runic circuit board that powers your Sentinel and allows you to customize its behavior. It will provide enough power to use one Sentinel per area, but as the game progresses, it will gain the power to support three Sentinels.

The Sentinel Controller is a central part of the Sentinel mechanic in Path of Exile 3.18. Players can place Sentinel controllers in the area and root in the trees below to find Sentinels, rewards like power, or some POE Currency for loot after completing Sentinel encounters.

Open the Sentinel Controller and you'll find an empty slot next to it, place one of your sentinels. RPGStash recommends you use the first one to understand how it works. You can take it out at any time and store it in your new Sentinel locker.

Sentinels last 30 seconds after being activated. You can see how many enemies the Sentinel has authorized, and the authorization shows how good the rewards for authorized enemies are. Sentinels are not modifiable, so you cannot use any spheres on them. You will need to identify them to see the extra properties.

The player can see how many times this sentry can be activated. An area can only be used once and can be used 8 times under normal circumstances. So you can use it in eight different fields. When you reach 0/8 it doesn't go away, you can store it for later modification.

When you place a Sentinel in a Sentinel controller and start creating a path to a node that grants extra rewards, by default you have a point to put in the tree. It will increase the duration of Sentinels by 10%.

Click the path to activate the root. Click again and it disappears. Players can pre-manage roots. Active paths will be blue and pre-managed paths are thin white lines. They will be applied automatically after the Sentinel Controller is upgraded.

The use of the Sentinel Controller may seem complicated. For beginners, if you explore it carefully, you will soon understand. Upgrading and activating Sentinel Controller is also very important, if you want to know more, please follow RPGStash, we will continue to provide you with the POE guide.

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