Lost Ark gate of paradise - Tranquil Karkosa Guide

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Lost Ark gate of paradise - Tranquil Karkosa Guide

Posted By Tom Riva     June 15, 2022    


After entering the Lost Ark gate of paradise, players will have a lot of tasks to do, especially in the different abyss and encounter different bosses. After the Sea of ​​Indolence is revealed, we will learn more about Tranquil Karkosa, to effectively carry out the next step Quest, RPGStash will introduce 3 Bosses in Tranquil Karkosa, hope to help you.

Tranquil Karkosa is the second abyss the player enters at the Lost Ark gate of paradise. Here, you will encounter three different bosses, defeat bosses and other small monsters, and get different currencies and powerful equipment including Lost Ark Gold, which is exciting.

Tranquil Karkosa Boss 1

Tranquil Karkosa's first boss is a big pirate. AoE attacks are something players need to worry about, as they can cause serious damage to you and your teammates if they get caught in them.

If the boss is raising the pistol in the air, the player should immediately dash to the red brick. Meanwhile, if the boss lifts the anchor in the air, then the player needs to dash to the blue tile. Doing this can help you avoid dizziness. This is by far one of the strongest attacks of any boss in the Lost Ark gate of paradise.

In addition to this, the other two mechanics of the boss are also important. His team wipes are very powerful. The first of these is a magician. The boss will summon two magicians, up and down or left and right. Players need to break them, kill two magicians quickly, and have a shield to kill them.

Because the boss will launch a follow-up attack, requiring all players to deal damage. There will be a staggered counter under the boss's name, and players need to drain that bar quickly. Otherwise, the boss will attack and wipe out the entire team. If players have issues with the mechanics, having their team carry cyclone grenades and reserve them for this attack will greatly help them with this attack.

Tranquil Karkosa Boss 2

The second boss is easy to deal with, and it's worth mentioning that she doesn't have any erasure mechanism. However, players should know two main things:

The first is that she occasionally grabs a player and starts hitting them constantly. Players need to attack bosses with staggered damage. Doing so will not wipe them off, but will deal serious damage to free-caught players.

Second, she also occasionally summons pufferfish that fly towards her, and once they get close to her, she deals with a massive, high-damage AoE attack. To fix this, just kill them before they finish their animation. Even when they get to her, she still doesn't deal enough damage to wipe out the entire team.

Tranquil Karkosa Boss 3

The final boss of Tranquil Karkosa is a large dragon tortoise monster and is the most difficult boss to deal with. The boss has a new mechanic where at 16 and 8 health he will summon some orbs to rush towards him.

The ball will be in eight different positions and will be fixed each time. Players will need to discuss these positionings before joining a team to avoid confusion in battle. Players need to stop the ball so they cannot reach the boss.

The tricky thing is that players need to spin clockwise immediately after collecting them. Need to avoid collecting two orbs at the same time, which will cause the player to be stunned. Players need to collect a ball and move clockwise to the next spin and then take the next spin.

However, for the 8th health bar mechanic, the player needs to pause and wait for the third collection before moving on to the next orb. It is recommended that players during the 8th health bar mechanic stay near the boss at all times. This is because he creates a magnetic orb around him that drains health when the player crosses the line. Therefore, being close to the boss gives the player enough time to collect the orbs, as they will spawn very close to the boss.

Tranquil Karkosa Guide is the content, if players can read it carefully, I believe you will thank RPGStash, especially for beginners too friendly. No matter what level of adventure you're at in Lost Ark, you'll need to keep leveling up your character to take on bigger challenges.

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