Explore Metamorph League Mechanics - POE Catalysts

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Explore Metamorph League Mechanics - POE Catalysts

Posted By Tom Riva     June 14, 2022    


While the Metamorph League is long over, its mechanics remain. Players can participate in Metamorph encounters by exploring the endgame content, once you kill the mobs, Tane will appear and offer to collect organs from these creatures for his experiments, when you collect at least 1 organ of all types, you Just use a strange device to combine them and create a dangerous creature, defeat it and you'll get great rewards including POE Currency in the content.

League Mechanics is pretty straightforward, but there are some nuances. Each type of shapeshifting organ (brain, eyes, heart, liver, and lungs) has its rarity, depending on the monster it drops. Organ traits are affected by monster level and rarity. So the more magic and rare mobs on the map, the more premium organs you'll get. And the higher the quality of the internal organs, the stronger the Transformer, and the greater the reward for killing him.

Invoke Metamorph with a green meter device, the higher the quality of the organ, the faster it fills, and the higher the modifier. If you fill it up, a unique organ will fall out of it after the Metamorph is murdered. Collect a full set of 5 different organ types that you can summon an enhanced Metamorph in Tane's Lab. You'll have access to Tane when you meet Tane and collect organs on the map and kill Metamorphs.


A new currency has been added to Metamorph League - Catalyst. Using Catalyst, you can increase the quality of 3 types of equipment: Amulet, Ring, and Belt. The maximum quality is 20%, and each catalyst will increase the quality of the accessory according to its rarity: 5% for common, 2% for magic, and only 1% for rare and unique catalysts.

Path of Exile 7 Catalysts:

Abrasive Catalyst – enhances Attack modifiers;
Imbued Catalyst – enhances Caster modifiers;
Turbulent Catalyst – enhances Elemental Damage;
Tempering Catalyst – enhances Defence modifiers;
Fertile Catalyst – enhances Life and Mana modifiers;
Prismatic Catalyst – enhances Resistance modifiers;
Intrinsic Catalyst – enhances Attribute modifiers.

If you use a different type of catalyst, the new one will replace the previously added mass. There are various forms of currency in Path of Exile. If you need Poe Currency, you can get it by killing monsters. This method alone cannot meet the needs of players in a limited time, and external force is needed.

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