RPGStash Lost Ark Guide - Chaos Line Dungeon Guide

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RPGStash Lost Ark Guide - Chaos Line Dungeon Guide

Posted By Tom Riva     May 24, 2022    


In the April Lost Ark update, the arrival of Chaos Line Dungeons increases the difficulty of the game, but at the same time, the rewards also increase, and you will get more rewards including Gold Lost Ark. So how do players get more protection tokens to unlock the Lost Ark Chaos Line Dungeons?

You can enter the Chaos Line dungeon alone or with up to three other players, and the difficulty will be adjusted based on the number of players you have. Each entry requires 1 protection token. You can easily group these dungeons using the Find Party and Matchmaking features.

To enter Normal difficulty, everyone in the party needs to have an item level of 1370. To enter Hard difficulty, everyone in the party needs item level 1415. Chaos Line dungeons are not difficult, and most people can complete the class solo. The main difference between Normal and Hard difficulty for these dungeons is the movement speed of enemies. Faster enemies on Hard difficulty means it's not that simple to pass quickly and collect targets.

Unlock Chaos Line Dungeon

Players will receive the purple quest "Become a Member of the Knights" after completing all blue world quests in South Vern, completing this quest at Bellion Ruins in South Vern will give you 2 Protection Tokens to access Chaos Line Dungeons

How to Complete Chaos Line Dungeons

Collect an altar room key – Once inside the dungeon, you should see a silver key marked on the mini-map. There will be an elite enemy close by that you need to kill to remove the barrier guarding the key. Quickly loot the key once the barrier is down, there will be a key icon above your head to let you know you have it.
Unlock an altar room – Next, head to an altar room. This is marked by an altar symbol and padlocks on your mini-map. Approach one of the gates and unlock it with your key.
Put out the Altar’s Ember – Head to the altar symbol on the mini-map inside the room. Interact with the Altar to put out the Ember keeping the Altar alight.
Grab another key – As you can only carry one key at a time, you will need to repeat the previous steps until you have extinguished three Altar’s Embers.
Defeat the final boss – After extinguishing the final Altar, a boss will spawn on the map, and you need to defeat them to claim your rewards!

Chaos Line Dungeon Rewards

Chaos Line dungeons on Normal difficulty reward fragmented Gorestones, while Hard difficulty rewards full Gorestones. They drop throughout the dungeon, and in large quantities when defeating the final boss. Talk to Professor Farhat again, under the exchange tab you will see the full list of rewards for Gorestones and Fragments Gorestones including Destruction and Guardian Stones, Honour Leapstones, Silver chests and other T3 honing materials like Solar Grace.

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