RPGStash FUT Guide: How to get the May FUT Pack?

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RPGStash FUT Guide: How to get the May FUT Pack?

Posted By Tom Riva     May 22, 2022    


Amazon Prime Gaming offers members a new FUT pack every month, and the May rewards have not yet been released, we are all waiting for the May FIFA 22 Twitch Prime game pack release time.

FIFA 22 players will hope that in addition to the necessary FIFA 22 Coins, they can also get special rewards in various competitions. Typically, game packs appear around the 20th day of each month. So, we predict that it will give out FIFA 22 Twitch Prime rewards on May 23, so what are the rewards for the FUT pack?

Judging from the past distribution history, Amazon Prime Gaming members will get 7 rare Gold Players, 2 rare 81+ Gold Player Picks, 12 consumption items, and maybe there will be additional rewards, I believe this time is no exception, looking forward to new one's Rewards appear.

How to Claim FIFA 22 Twitch Prime Game Rewards

To earn monthly Twitch Prime game rewards in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, you'll need to link your Twitch account to Amazon Prime and your EA Sports account. It's actually easy - we'll show you how to do it:

Link your Twitch account with Amazon Prime

Go to the Prime Gaming Website under "My Twitch Accounts"
Choose "Link to Twitch Account"
Fill in the data of your Twitch Account

Link your Twitch account to your EA Sports account

Click on this link or visit ea.com/twitchlinking
Sign in or create a new account.
Enter your security code (via Mail or App) and click Log In
Click "Yes, link them" to connect both accounts
Check your connections in your Twitch settings to see if it worked

Claim FIFA 22 Twitch Prime Game Rewards

Go to the Prime Gaming Crown on the top right-hand side of your screen.
Claim your Rewards there.
Launch FIFA 22 and select "Shop" in Ultimate Team.
Go to "My Packs" and your Rewards should wait for you there!

The Prime Gaming Ultimate Team reward is worth it and you shouldn't miss it. Still, we really hope that too many Mbappe and Ronaldo don't spoil our weekend league experience.

By the way, 81+ picks (75+ picks) have been surprisingly good in the past. You should not underestimate them and take them into account when making your decision. If you want to make your team strong enough before the game, then I recommend you to Buy FIFA 22 Coins directly from rpgstash.com, it will be your most efficient and convenient option, and it will enhance your game experience.